StarLine «ECO» — your best friend!

by StarLine, 2016-04-01
StarLine «ECO» — your best friend!" data-title="+1">
StarLine «ECO» — your best friend!" data-image="" data-title="Pin It">

Meet the new smart security and telematic complexes StarLine A63ECO, StarLine A93ECO and StarLine A93 CAN-LIN ECO from April 1, 2016!

Enjoy the best offer for reliable protection and a high level of comfort with the option to retrofit the installed security equipment with self-start functions, smart StarLine Telematics, and CAN- LIN or 2CAN interfaces, if necessary!

Choose the second one!

With a security complex of the ECO series you will get smart and reliable protection and a convenient LCD shockproof control pager to control security and service functions of your StarLine security complex.

Юбилейная серия

The second control pager (main or additional label) can be chosen and ordered using the wise Internet Advisor or can simply be purchased in the sales offices and installation centers of StarLine security and telematic complexes!

3D control

The digital 3D sensor with remote setup registers blows, jacking and towing of the vehicle. StarLine security and telematic complex of the ECO series will turn a loud siren on.

Юбилейная серия

Easy to control!

Choose the most preferable way to control the security functions of StarLine ECO:
with the smartphone (StarLine GSM-GPRS interface must be installed additionally to the security complex),
with the main LCD control pager,
with the led label (optional).

The perfect combination is in your hands:


*Order the additional equipment for your StarLine ECO security complex with the help of wise Internet Advisor or purchase it at the points of sale and installation of StarLine security and telematic complexes!

Smart self-start*

StarLine complexes of the ECO series are equipped with the self-start module for remote and automatic engine starting either by temperature, or at the set time.

*For StarLine A63ECO this function is optional: just connect the self-start module!


Smart service

Enjoy the function «Comfort» (e.g., folding of mirrors and raising of glasses while alarm arming), as well as many other useful features, thanks to smart service opportunities of StarLine ECO!

Юбилейная серия

Integrate Telematics!

The equipment supports easy and quick integration of GSM-GPRS and GPS-GLONASS interfaces for controlling security and service functions of the car with your smartphone, as well as determining vehicle location, and free monitoring.


Expand the opportunities!*

CAN-LIN or 2CAN interfaces will provide fast, easy and safe installation of StarLine security equipment and open up additional opportunities to increase the level of safety and comfort of the car!

* StarLine A63ECO and StarLine A93ECO complexes are prepared for fast and easy integration of 2CAN and CAN-LIN interfaces.

IKey technology*

Could you imagine the modern security and telematic complex with the iKey keyless bypass? Easily! Smart and reliable StarLine A93 CAN-LIN ECO will allow you to enjoy fantastic opportunities of smart protection in your hands!

The list of car models which support smart iKey keyless bypass is constantly updated. Find the latest list on!

*Just add CAN-LIN interface to enable this function for StarLine A63ECO and StarLine A93ECO.


Safe authorization (option)*

It can be really safe to control your StarLine security system with the regular pager!

The reliable additional dialog authorization will be provided by a tiny led StarLine label with the pleasant soft-touch surface!

Take advantage and order it using the wise Internet Advisor or just purchase it in the installation center!

*Function is available in case of connection of 2CAN or CAN-LIN modules and purchase of additional led StarLine label.