StarLine CAN+LIN

StarLine CAN+LIN for «Grantas», «Prioras» and «Kalinas»!

On June, 23 the universal StarLine CAN+LIN module went on sale. The novelty considerably simplifies the installation and expands the opportunities of StarLine security complexes for Lada Granta, Kalina, Kalina II, Priora*. Soon this list will be completed by the cars of other brands that require connection to the LIN bus.


By connecting to CAN and LIN digital buses the installer significantly saves his time. Thanks to the new module the master needs just a couple of hours to install the security equipment to Lada cars!


StarLine CAN+LIN module can be easily integrated into the main unit of StarLine alarm systems.

In case your security system is already equipped with 2CAN module — just replace it with StarLine CAN+LIN. Through digital buses you can easily learn the state of the limit switches, ignition, brake pedal and much more. It is necessary for successful remote start and implementation of security functions.

Besides, StarLine CAN+LIN module carries out the control of the central lock and factory security system.


SUPER SLAVE mode is now available also for Lada owners. Use your factory key to turn off your alarm. For reliable authorization just keep StarLine tag in your pocket or handbag.


Enjoy the «Comfort» function when your car windows are lifting when turning on the alarm system!


Simultaneous connection to LIN and CAN buses provides both the minimum intervention to factory electronics of your car and careful installation of StarLine security complexes to Lada cars.


It is very simple to set up StarLine CAN-LIN module. Download the software on website. Here is the complete list of the functions supported by the alarm systems with comments for each car model.

*The new module is compatible with all StarLine equipment of the 4th generation: StarLine E60, StarLine E61, StarLine E90, StarLine E90 GSM, StarLine E91, StarLine E91 GSM, StarLine A64, StarLine A94, StarLine A94 GSM, StarLine B64, StarLine B94, StarLine B94 GSM, StarLine B94 GSM+GPS, StarLine D94 GSM, StarLine D94 GSM+GPS.