New! Meet smart StarLine X96 Pobedit

by StarLine, 2016-06-01
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Sales of smart multi-level security and telematic complex StarLine X96 Pobedit with 7 lines of protection have started:



Technological progress with the smart prefix increasingly penetrates into the daily lives of people. Smart phones, homes, cars… The development of smart cars is at the peak of the global trend. Car manufacturers promise massive intellectual breakthrough in the coming years. The world’s first security and telematic complex StarLine X96 Pobedit will make your car smart even now.


The advanced cutting-edge developments of the Russian engineers from ScPA «StarLine» have created the smart product on the 6th generation platform. Smart security and telematic complex StarLine X96 Pobedit organizes the joint work of car subsystems and automates their functioning on the basis of flexible smart algorithms.


Smart authorization

Approach your car, and smart security and telematic complex StarLine X96 Pobedit will automatically authorize you by label or the smartphone through a secure Bluetooth Smart technology, as well as start the engine and turn on the climate control.


If your hands are busy, then sensors of your car will open the trunk thanks to smart algorithms.


Leave your vehicle with a calm heart. StarLine X96 Pobedit will automatically arm your car, raise the glasses, fold the mirrors*. In your absence the complex itself will start the engine, if necessary. For example, to recharge the accumulator either if it is declined, or just at a set time. Self-start in security mode can also be carried out to maintain the set temperature in the car interior both in winter and in summer.

*specify a list of the supported functions in a particular car with your installer



In case the shock sensor is triggered, the complex will activate your DVR and send an SMS to you. Be quiet for your car.


Replace the common ignition lock to the convenient «Start-Stop» button with the help of StarLine X96 Pobedit smart technologies. The installer will adjust the most comfortable operation algorithm of the button.


StarLine platform of the 6th generation will help to realize almost any function of security and comfort. The authorized installer will tell you about the opportunities, help to choose functions and algorithms, and activate them in your car.

Smart Telematics

Thanks to the smart security and telematic complex StarLine X96 Pobedit, your car is always in touch. It will immediately report about its state and location at your request or in any emergency situation.


Check your car location with an accuracy of up to several meters from any point of the world using free monitoring service


Enjoy remote control of security and other car systems by the smartphone, the tablet or the PC connected to the Internet by means of smart StarLine Telematics. Use the special app in order to set up the engine self-start, change settings of shock and tilt sensor, view the history of all the events happened to the vehicle.



If you appear in the underground garage or the parking lot with no GSM signal, you will still be able to control the security and telematic complex with your StarLine mobile app through a secure Bluetooth Smart technology!

Increase your safety on the roads, save on repairs and avoid fines thanks to the smart StarLine service of driving style assessment. Based on the data received from StarLine X96 Pobedit, the server software estimates the driving style and teaches you to drive safely and economically.



Smart car diagnostics

Security and telematic complex StarLine X96 Pobedit will automatically carry out online diagnostics of your car. If any disrepair, it will send the warning PUSH notification. Look for the detailed information on the disrepair and the need to visit the service center in your personal account on website or in the mobile app.


Guarantee of financial security

Saving! Smart security and telematic equipment StarLine X96 Pobedit is recommended as smart and reliable protection by the leading insurance companies providing the discount of up to 50% on risk «Carjack/theft» in case this complex is installed*.

* Specify size of the discount at the insurance company, or call the StarLine technical support


Besides the insurance payments, StarLine will additionally pay another 75 000 rubles in case of carjack/theft of the vehicle equipped with multi-level security and telematic complex StarLine X96 Pobedit.



Reliability! Statistics proves the reliability of StarLine security and telematic equipment. Long-term tests of StarLine Pobedit multi-level concept confirmed its high reliability — in all attempts of hijacking the criminals failed, while the car owners saved their vehicles.

Installation of StarLine X96 Pobedit complexes must be carried out only by the specially trained authorized installers in certified service centers. Find the latest list of addresses on