New: Meet smart StarLine M22!

by StarLine, 2015-11-17
New: Meet smart StarLine M22!" data-title="+1">
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Meet the new multifunctional security and monitoring complex StarLine M22 with optional connection by  CAN-LIN bus! Treat your car with the smart control of security and comfort functions!

It’s so easy and convenient to control your security system from your phone!

Control security and service functions of your car, and receive status notifications to your cell phone with the free StarLine mobile app with easy-to-use GSM interface!


Control of prestarting heaters

You will enjoy the warm salon of your car in any weather! Just use StarLine M22 for remote GSM control of Webasto and Eberspächer prestarting heaters.


Salon wiretapping

Do you have any suspicion of unauthorized entry to your car or even hijacking? Multifunctional security and monitoring complex StarLine M22 is equipped with the microphone. Type in a special command on your cell phone, and you will be able to listen what is happening inside your car.


Free monitoring

Do you trust your car to your family, relatives or friends? Enjoy free monitoring of your car movement using free satellite security and monitoring service! Smart StarLine M22 provides easy determination of your car location by  LBS base stations with an accuracy of up to 100-250 meters within the city. Optionally you can choose the ability to control the speed and routes of your car by  GLONASS and GPS satellites from any point of the world. The accuracy of such car location is up to 2.5 meters!


Operation by CAN+LIN and 2CAN buses (optionally)

Connection by the CAN bus provides fast, convenient, and safe installation of  StarLine security complexes on modern cars fit with CAN or LIN buses. StarLine M22 security and monitoring complex connected by the CAN or LIN bus will allow you to control regular security system of your car as well as arm and disarm your car using the cell phone with free StarLine app installed. You can also use your regular pager.


Self-start (optionally)

Enjoy remote and automatic engine starting! StarLine M22 enables the remote self-start by GSM channel as well as automatic engine start by temperature, at the set time, or periodically according to software settings. StarLine M22 works in conjunction with StarLine F1 factory immobilizer bypass module both when being connected by the digital bus and analog.