Meet smart StarLine M32T CAN!

Meet the multifunctional security and monitoring complex StarLine M32T CAN with smart diagnostics, iKEY keyless bypass and unique iCAN technology of hidden engine blocking! Open new fantastic opportunities for reliable … Continue reading


2015: company results

Dear colleagues! StarLine team worked together in 2015, guaranteeing the citizens of Russia and the whole world a high level of security based on the innovative technologies of the global … Continue reading


StarLine A91ECO — your best friend

Surprise: in 2016 we will continue to produce the updated StarLine A91ECO with advanced features at the familiar retail price of 6800 rubles! The updated StarLine A91ECO is constructed on the popular A93 platform with modular architecture. Choose … Continue reading


New: Meet StarLine А93 GSM!

Meet in  January new security and telematic complex StarLine A93 GSM with the recommended retail price of only 12 500 rubles! StarLine A93 GSM is a smart, reliable and affordable complex with the ability to control security and … Continue reading


New: Meet smart StarLine M22!

Meet the new multifunctional security and monitoring complex StarLine M22 with optional connection by  CAN-LIN bus! Treat your car with the smart control of security and comfort functions! It’s so easy and … Continue reading


StarLine robots are attacking!

The USA: StarLine robots are attacking! The easiest way to learn the world is to go on virtual travels, while sitting in your favourite armchair. But why should you limit yourself?! StarLine team with their robots … Continue reading


Smart StarLine app — for smartwatches!

Meet the new StarLine mobile app! It was specially designed for smartwatches on the Android Wear platform! What is a smartwatch A smartwatch is a perfect companion for your smartphone! It allows you to use voice search on the Internet, … Continue reading

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