Results of the exhibition IMIS 2015

StarLine: Results of the exhibition IMIS 2015 From April 17 to April 19, 2015 in St. Petersburg the leading Russian and foreign motor clubs gathered together on the international motorcycle exhibition IMIS 2015. StarLine team excited … Continue reading


StarLine Master updating: version 1.4

A new version of the popular «StarLine Master» software aimed for setup and updating of the StarLine security and telematic equipment will be available since April, 2016. Automatic switching For convenience of the installers we have … Continue reading


StarLine 3.0: bank reliability

Meet the new version of free StarLine 3.0 mobile app for iPhone with the highest level of your data protection from unauthorized access! Controlling of your car security is of the same reliability as the work … Continue reading


M15 ECO tracker: double benefit

M15 ECO tracker: double benefit StarLine is happy to present the new autonomous searching and tracking device M15 ECO with the record power efficiency! The new smart tracker is not only a reliable means of monitoring your … Continue reading


StarLine has protected

StarLine has protected. «I want to thank StarLine company with all my heart as it helped to save my Ford Mondeo! — said Sergey from St. Petersburg, not hiding his emotions. — Being protected by the power of StarLine B64 complex … Continue reading


St. Petersburg: Robots start and win

For one day St. Petersburg physical and mathematical lyceum № 30 has become a magnet for young engineers thanks to the engineering robot competitions which took place there. The event was organized by the robotics … Continue reading


StarLine A93 CAN+LIN

StarLine A93 CAN+LIN: Protection for national cars Meet the new StarLine A93 CAN+LIN security complex in July, 2014. It is specially designed for the reliable protection of the cars that could be connected to the digital CAN and … Continue reading


StarLine M32: meet new product

Meet the new multifunctional security and monitoring StarLine M32 complex from February, 25! Having entrusted the reliable protection of your car to StarLine M32, you would be able to appreciate … Continue reading

StarLine Production

Production in Saint-Petersburg, certied according to ISO, TÜV standards


StarLine biometrics

StarLine biometrics: even more comfortable and secure! Meet in February a new opportunity for the owners of StarLine security and telematic equipment! This is a quick and easy entry into the StarLine mobile app through … Continue reading


Telematics 3.0 for starline-online.ru website

Telematics 3.0 for starline-online.ru website Meet new opportunities in the New Year! Find new options on starline-online.ru monitoring website. Smart two-factor authorization* In the car security market StarLine engineers successfully pioneered the secure login … Continue reading


Smart StarLine app — for smartwatches!

Meet the new StarLine mobile app in the spring of 2015! It was specially designed for smartwatches on the Android Wear platform! Beta testing has already been started! What is a smartwatch A smartwatch is a perfect companion for … Continue reading


1 300 000: A New World Record Of Trust!

In 2014 we managed to set up some new World Records of Trust! Day Record: On October, 6 we provided protection to 30 000 motorists. Month Record: in October we protected 204 000 cars and their owners. Year Record: in 2014 we provided security to 1 300 000 … Continue reading

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