Reliable and smart StarLine X96!

by StarLine, 2016-03-23
Reliable and smart StarLine X96!" data-title="+1">
Reliable and smart StarLine X96!" data-image="" data-title="Pin It">

World leaders in automotive industry develop vehicles with elements of artificial intelligence. Smart security and telematic complex StarLine X96 makes your car even more intelligent. This security equipment combines both mathematical algorithms based on intellectual ecosystem and reliable solutions in the field of smart and comfortable car security.

Flexible logic of the 6th generation equipment allows to embody almost any function to protect the car and ensure comfort to its owner!

Enrich your car with StarLine X96 smart benefits and fantastic opportunities which are provided by individual programming of security and comfort functions!

Popular StarLine X96 security and comfort settings:

Individual settings of security and comfort

«Polite backlight» will help you to find the car in the busy evening parking lot: StarLine X96 will turn on the interior and marker lights!


Do you want to open the trunk in the «hands-free» mode? It is so easy! The owner is identified either by the smartphone or by the label. Sensors react to the movement and could be installed anywhere you want, for example, under the bumper. Just move your foot under the bumper, and the trunk will open!


Do you want to have the engine already started when you approach the car? What could be easier? StarLine X96 will authorize the car owner by the smartphone or by the label and start the engine. Is it hot outdoors? The air conditioner will begin to cool the cabin right after the engine is started!


Smart StarLine X96 can lock the doors, raise the glasses, close the sunroof, and fold the mirrors. Just leave the car and let your smart assistant do everything for you!

Юбилейная серия

The individual settings of smart mirrors will allow you to adjust folding based on air temperature and avoid damage due to freezing. When arming, the mirrors will fold only if the temperature of the central unit of your security complex is higher than the value set by you.


Do you want to replace the common ignition lock to the convenient «Start-Stop» button? The installer authorized to work with smart StarLine X96 security and telematic complexes will adjust the most comfortable operation algorithm of the button!


Smart authorization by the smartphone or by the label

Choose any convenient mode of secure owner authorization: either «hands-free» or SUPER SLAVE!

Arm and disarm your car in the way convenient for you: the secure Bluetooth Smart* technology will authorize you by your smartphone! Smart authorization can also be made by StarLine control pager with LCD display, by the tiny personal StarLine label, as well as by the regular pager of your car!

StarLine X96 will reliably protect the radio channel of your regular control pager against scanning by any known code grabbers!

*The service is available for the smartphones based on iOS since iPhone 4S.


Visit our Youtube channel for more smart opportunities of StarLine X96!

Stable reception and reliable protection with 868 MHz control pager

New control pager with the high-contrast LCD display and large icons is comfortable in use and operates at a frequency of 868 MHz.

This control pager provides the increased for 30% control range and stable reception in conditions of extreme city radio interference.


Smart 3D control

Smart 3D control with remote setup can register blows and notify you when jacking or towing of your vehicle. It can also evaluate the driving style thanks to the unique mathematical algorithms.

Flexible settings of StarLine X96 allow you to automatic activate your DVR in case the 3D sensor is triggered.


Smart iCAN hidden engine blocking

The unique iCAN technology of hidden engine blocking through the factory digital buses will significantly increase the level of protection against professional hijackers!

iCAN engine blocking will become a real «surprise» for the car thieves! StarLine X96 will reliably and safely block the engine either by pressing the brake pedal or by reduction of speed to the preset value.


Smart Telematics

Control security of your car by any way you want: by the smartphone, the tablet or the computer!

Are you the careful driver? If so, than get and keep a high rating due to StarLine Scoring* service!

Enjoy free monitoring from any point of the world, be aware of your car location with the accuracy of up to several meters, and control the speed and routes of your car using free and convenient service!

*Service will be available in April


Save on car diagnostics

Save on your car diagnostics by receiving notifications about the state of your vehicle to the cell phone. Smart StarLine X96 will automatically carry out online diagnostics of your car and send the warning SMS with an error code and description of the disrepair*. Be sure, smart StarLine equipment will remind you to visit the service center in time.

*Perspective service


StarLine X96 innovative security and telematic complex of the new generation provides smart and reliable protection of your car!

StarLine X96 can be ordered by the authorized partners in car security. Installation of these complexes must be carried out by the authorized installers only. Find the latest list of addresses on