Smart-car StarLine — the future is nearby!

by StarLine, 2016-08-30
Smart-car StarLine — the future is nearby!" data-title="+1">
Smart-car StarLine — the future is nearby!" data-image="" data-title="Pin It">

StarLine lifted the veil of secrecy and informed about the ongoing work in the area of ​​smart car creation in alliance with the global car manufacturers.

During the International Motor Show 2016, taking place in Moscow, the Russian company StarLine uncovered the intrigue and reported to the journalists specializing in the field of hi-tech about its work on the concept of smart-car StarLine in alliance with the global car manufacturers.

The project of smart-car StarLine became matter-of-course and logical development of the concept of smart security and comfort, with a few related hi-tech technologies added.

The idea to create a smart car StarLine was proposed and widely supported by StarLine employees. A new level of security and comfort of smart-car StarLine will become a good gift to all our partners, car owners and employees to the 30th anniversary of StarLine and UltraStar professional activity.

In order to implement this project, the company has increased its production, research, and development staff by more than 200 employees from 2014 to 2016, and it still continues to increase its potential. The company is increasing its competence in the areas which the concept of smart car is built on, such as ADAS driver assistance systems, machine vision, artificial intelligence, electronic mapping, telematics, and others.

Already in 2018 cars with the elements of smart-car StarLine will visit the large cities of Russia and CIS countries during the traditional regional conferences.

StarLine partners in this project are as follows: SAP, Oracle Sun, AEGIS, Panasonic, Kuka, Engel, Zwick, STM, GLONASS, Megafon, Beeline, MTS, Yandex and many others.