Software update of the 6th generation StarLine complexes

by StarLine, 2016-08-31
Software update of the 6th generation StarLine complexes" data-title="+1">
Software update of the 6th generation StarLine complexes" data-image="" data-title="Pin It">

StarLine updates the software of all smart and reliable security and telematic complexes of the 6th generation. Download version 1.5.0

  • StarLine X96
  • StarLine M96
  • StarLine M66

Be sure to use the new 2.0.0 version of StarLine Master to set up and program security and telematic complexes with new firmware.

Starting with version 2.0.0, setup of flexible logic will be available only to the authorized installers. Become authorized to get full access to the unique opportunities of the 6th generation StarLine complexes.

If you are authorized as the installer of the 6th generation, it is necessary to enter your personal account to get access to the full range of settings. For this purpose, click the icon in the upper right corner of the main screen and enter your login and password.


The interaction of different firmware versions of the 6th generation and StarLine Master are shown in the diagram:



New features of StarLine security and telematic equipment of the 6th generation:

  • Improved encryption algorithm between StarLine security complexes and telematic server
  • Setup of StarLine A96 with the control pager
  • Display of the balance of two SIM cards both at the website and in the mobile app
  • Possibility to switch to the other SIM card in the «Event Log»
  • Setup of sending SMS about the loss of label on the move
  • Start of learning the insurance telematics via SMS
  • Only the authorized installers may set up the flexible logic. For this purpose, it is necessary to log in.
  • Server notification on the incorrect PIN code
  • The number of notifications on no connection to R6 is limited
  • Improved voice menu
  • Periodical sending of an alert to the control pager
  • Control of the preheater through CAN bus
  • New functions are added to the flexible logic
  • Improved behavior of tilt and motion sensors while engine shutdown
  • Listening of the car salon is switched off after 4 minutes
  • Light signals are switched off when arming and disarming
  • SMS command to reset the authorization code of the owner with the standard buttons
  • Expanded insurance telematics: new function to separate the balance of the insurance company from the user’s balance is added
  • «Beach» mode: the user code is entered using the door handle
  • Possibility to display events on the server in real time
  • Possibility to transfer the status of the hood from R6 to the main unit
  • The operating time of the turbo timer in the car with the start-stop button is automatically extended until the arming
  • Setup of «trip prohibition» after each ignition
  • Improved setting «ignore SMS commands sent more than an hour ago»
  • The output of the «label status» is added by the constant level in the «car service» mode.