StarLine ЕС-1 — the magic touch

by StarLine, 2016-09-12
StarLine ЕС-1 — the magic touch" data-title="+1">
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In October, 2016 the category of additional equipment will be supplemented by the contactless touch sensor StarLine ЕС-1, which is activated when approaching of the hand. The sensor works as a part of StarLine equipment and allows to open the car door or the trunk by a simple touch, as well as to control other devices.

StarLine ЕС-1 successfully works through plastic and other non-metallic surfaces. It is convenient while hidden installation as a «secret» button. The sensor is recommended to be installed behind the dielectric parts of the bodywork (such as door handles, side rear view mirrors, plastic covers) in a dry weatherproof place.

StarLine EC-1 is energy efficient and successfully works in the range of temperatures from -40 to +85 °C. Power supply voltage is 8-16 V, current consumption is no more than 1mA.