StarLine M96 — smart protection for your business!

by StarLine, 2016-05-11
StarLine M96 — smart protection for your business!" data-title="+1">
StarLine M96 — smart protection for your business!" data-image="" data-title="Pin It">

Smart security and telematic complex StarLine M96 ensures smart and reliable protection of the vehicles, as well as a high level of comfort both for the car owner and the business owner!

StarLine M96 was available for limited sale in December, 2015. It could be purchased only provided the installation was carried out by authorized Partners who had passed special training and certification. Find a list of places where you will be able to purchase and install smart security equipment on website.

The innovative new generation security and telematic complex StarLine M96 has incorporated the best features and characteristics of world analogues as the standard. But only StarLine M96 has unique smart advantages!

Protection and monitoring of the car

Smart security and telematic complex StarLine M96 enables to protect and monitor the car with its owner authorization by the Bluetooth Smart technology using a label or the smartphone.


Smart authorization

Your trip will be permitted only after your authorization by a tiny personal label or the smartphone supporting Bluetooth Smart technology* will take place.
*The service is available for iOS smartphones starting with iPhone 4S. Support of Android smartphones is coming.


Smart monitoring

Find the location of your cars with an accuracy of several meters using such an easy and convenient satellite security and monitoring service
Automatic switching between two SIM cards of different mobile network operators will both provide non-stop control of the vehicles, even if the signal from one of the operators is lost, and save your money in case of transportation within Russia or abroad.
The additional external antenna will provide the excellent signal strength and high connection quality. You can always control the routes of your vehicles which are in a trip!


Record-breaking microconsumption

StarLine guarantees retention of a sufficient charge of the serviceable vehicle battery up to 150 days in the security mode thanks to the innovative patented technologies and software solutions.


Built-in battery

New StarLine M96 will insure the transport companies against dishonest employees or hijacking of the office motor transport! Depending on the chosen settings, the complex will inform the manager or personally the business owner about the power off.
Thanks to its own lithium battery, built-in to the main unit, StarLine M96 will always stay in touch even if the vehicle battery is disabled, and it will continue working as the monitoring beacon! You will always know the location of your cars!


Smart savings — savings on the comprehensive insurance

Save more thanks to the smart StarLine technologies! Now the driver with any experience can get a discount for the comprehensive insurance*. StarLine M96 will evaluate your driving style and collect statistics on run of the car. Drive carefully and get a discount for the comprehensive insurance!
*Perspective service.

Savings on diagnostics

You can easily save money on the diagnostics of your vehicle by receiving notifications about the condition of your car to the cell phone. Smart StarLine M96 will automatically diagnose your car online and send the warning SMS with an error code and description of the defect*. Be sure, smart StarLine equipment will inform you in time about the need to visit the service center.
*Perspective service.

StarLine M96 can be ordered only by the car security authorized Partners. Installation of these complexes must be carried out only by the authorized installers.
StarLine M96 is available in 3 kits: M, L, XL.