StarLine Master updating: version 1.4

by StarLine, 2015-04-05
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A new version of the popular «StarLine Master» software aimed for setup and updating of the StarLine security and telematic equipment will be available since April, 2016.

Automatic switching

For convenience of the installers we have added the option to automatically switch between updating and settings in 3, 4, 5 generations. You no longer need to switch your programmer to «P» position in order to set up the security equipment and to «B» position in order to update the software. In the new 1.4 version the switch is always in the «B» position, and switching between modes is performed by StarLine Master automatically! It refers to all the settings which are done by the programmer.
StarLine Мастер 2016

Two in one

Use the only one app to set up all the StarLine devices! Now the functionality of the programmer StarLine CAN Telematics is included into StarLine Master!
StarLine Мастер 2016

Broad opportunities

StarLine Master 1.4 allows you to update and set up the security equipment of 3, 4, 5 generations, as well as the immobilizers StarLine I95, StarLine I95 LUX and StarLine I95ECO, the security and telematic systems for motorcycles StarLine V66* and StarLine V67 *, the security and telematic complexes StarLine X96 and StarLine M96 (including convenient settings of channels, sensors, flexible logic, self-start, telematic settings and autodiagnostics), modules 2CAN, CAN-LIN, 2CAN35, update the main and additional control pagers of StarLine X96, update the digital radio relay of engine blocking StarLine R6 and Bluetooth labels*.
* Using a Bluetooth programmer


Download the updated version of «StarLine Master» here.