StarLine teaches to save and drive carefully

by StarLine, 2016-08-02
StarLine teaches to save and drive carefully " data-title="+1">
StarLine teaches to save and drive carefully " data-image="" data-title="Pin It">

For the first time in the world, together with smart StarLine security complexes of the 6th generation you can enjoy car diagnostics and online training of accident-free driving. Thanks to the mobile app, it is possible to view the assessment of your driving style and learn useful information on the condition of your car obtained from the diagnostic bus. Smart and reliable security becomes also an experienced trainer and car repairman. Learn to drive carefully and save time and money on car diagnostics and repair together with smart StarLine security equipment. New features are available for smart StarLine security and telematic equipment of the 6th generation, such as reliable security and telematic complexes StarLine X96 and StarLine M96, as well as smart tracker StarLine M66.

Smart driving without accidents

Are you a careful driver? Assess the quality of your driving! You can also check the driving style of your relatives and friends whom you trust your car to. If you have the car fleet and provide the transport services, you will certainly be interested in how carefully your employees treat the company vehicles! Careful driving allows you to save on fines, repair costs if road accidents, and premature wear of the car systems and components.



Equipped with smart StarLine complexes of the 6th generation, your car monitors its condition by itself and provides detailed information in case of any fault. It will be much easier for you to decide if it is necessary to visit the car service station right now. Note that the price for the standard diagnostics of the premium car starts with 5000 rubles in the car dealerships. Save your time and money!


Total transparency

New smart functions are available to the owners of StarLine security and telematic complexes of the 6th generation and Android smartphones. Just download the easy-to-use mobile app.


The first screen of « Driving style» is divided into three sections: assessment of driving quality, risks, and your place in rating among all the participants of traffic with the installed StarLine security and telematic equipment.


All the dangerous moves on 4 parameters: speed, acceleration, braking, sharp turns (lateral acceleration) are recorded in the section «Risks». This information is nullified every day or every 100 kilometers.

The color will change depending on the results. You can easily share this information with your friends on social networks, attach it to your message or send via email — just click the icon «Share».


The second screen of « Driving style » depicts the assessment of your driving quality for a certain period of time, such as for a week, for a month, for a year, or for any other period you are interested in.



Get information on the car run, fuel level, and diagnostic errors in two clicks by pressing the icon «Information» and selecting the section « Diagnostics» from a drop down menu.

The icon will be highlighted in green if there are no any errors, and it will be highlighted in red if there are errors. You will also get information on the quantity of errors and time of the last update.


If it is necessary to get more information on the error, just click the section with errors, and you will see both the error code and its description. This information will make it easier for you to coordinate time and volume of repair with the service center.


A new dimension — the new smart opportunities

With smart StarLine security and telematic equipment of the 6th generation you get the reliable protection of the car as well as learn to drive carefully and save on car diagnostics. Careful driving will also save you money on car repair and service. For example, tires will serve by 15-20% longer, pads by 20%, and suspension by 15-20% longer. Feel confident both for the driving style and for the technical condition of the car. Be smart while saving.