StarLine + Wialon = smart monitoring

by StarLine, 2019-02-13
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Now a reliable anti-theft security and smart options of StarLine equipment are available for Wialon monitoring service users.

Watch after your vehicle, manage your fleet in your familiar interface, and StarLine smart technologies will take care of your highest security.

Any StarLine model with embedded GSM and GPS+GLONASS may operate in common with Wialon web platform, including smart tracking and search devices.


On a user choice StarLine device will transfer navigation data into Wialon account – an exact positioning, speed and tracks. Meanwhile a device security control and setup remains available in StarLine free mobile App for iOS and Android and in personal account.



To setup interaction with Wialon login to your account, go the Settings menu / Sharing settings section and grant access to your Wialon account.


Wialon satellite monitoring web platform is designed by Belarussian company Gurtam, the long time partner of ScPA StarLine in developing of intelligent monitoring technologies.