StarLine i96CAN smart car immobilizer

by StarLine, 2017-06-08

StarLine i96CAN is the world’s first immobilizer with two lines of protection. Authorization can be realized by Bluetooth Smart (4.2) or a combination on the standard buttons of the car!

Smart and reliable protection

StarLine i96CAN is your smart security. Hide this immobilizer in the most hard to reach and unexpected location of the car salon! StarLine i96CAN connected to the CAN bus will become your reliable invisible protector.


Smart authorization

How can StarLine i96CAN recognize the owner?

  • Bluetooth Smart (4.2) tag;
  • smartphone with the installed  StarLine Key application;
  • combination on the standard buttons of the car.You can choose either one of the authorization methods or a combination for even greater reliability and security.



Smart CAN advantage

Due to the unique patented iCAN technology, the engine will be reliably blocked by the digital car bus, and the immobilizer will remain undetected.

Is your vehicle equipped with the remote self-start? Smart StarLine i96CAN will select the necessary algorithm so that engine will be blocked only after the start of the movement.
Have you found any more efficient algorithm? We say YES! to any of your suggestions — there is a solution:

  • when starting the movement
  • when shifting the transmission
  • when increasing the engine speed
  • when the ignition is switched on, by preventing the startup.


Smart settings

Install the StarLine Master app, and you will easily set up your immobilizer by connecting it via USB to the computer.
You can disable the sound indication in the settings so that StarLine i96CAN will not give itself out with sound signals in case the tag is not recognized. You can also set up blocking conditions in the settings.


Hood protection

StarLine R4 is the waterproof underhood unit aimed at engine blocking and intelligent hood lock control that will provide additional obstacles for the hijacker. For instance, it will securely block the engine, eliminating any possibility to select the code message.
StarLine R4 closes the lock only when the hood is shut, preventing it from damage when hitting the closed lock.


Smart blocking of the standard radio link

You can also organize the interaction of StarLine i96CAN with other security equipment.
Please the owners of Keyless systems with the additional security level — blocking of the standard radio link. The hijacker will fail to start the car with the stolen standard key if Bluetooth tag is not recognized.


Create a smart security complex

Just connect the immobilizer to the tracker, for example, StarLine M17 security and monitoring tracker, and you will get a complete security complex, which will inform the owner by the phone about any attempt to hijack the car.





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