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by Владислава Тазетдинова, 2015-06-19
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The new StarLine V66 motorbike alarm system’s security was highly rated by Nordic Semiconductor, a world leading Norwegian manufacturer of radioelectronics. Continue reading about StarLine V66 on the company’s website at

Bluetooth Smart motorbike alarm and security system prevents bikes being started even if keys are stolen or cloned

Developed by Russian automotive specialist, StarLine, the StarLine V66 motorbike alarm system pairs wirelessly with a smartphone app or wireless key tag that unless present will immobilize the bike even if the original — or indeed a cloned — key is inserted into the ignition, providing a robust extra line of defense against thieves

Oslo, Norway 2015/06/19
Nordic Semiconductor today announces that leading Russian automotive security specialist, StarLine LLC, is employing Nordic nRF51822 Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) to provide the Bluetooth® Smart wireless connectivity to smartphones and/or a dedicated wireless key tag in its StarLine V66 motorbike alarm system that prevents a bike being started even if the owner’s original key has been stolen or cloned (an increasingly common form of theft in keyless entry vehicles).

In operation, if a stolen key is inserted into the motorbike ignition of a StarLine V66 protected bike it will not start without the presence of a paired partner Bluetooth Smart smartphone app or dedicated wireless key tag. However if either one of these is present the bike will automatically unlocked and start normally. StarLine says this feature is important as it is not convenient for bikers clad in safety gear and leathers (including gloves) to activate buttons or apps.

«Standard motorbike and automotive security systems do not protect owners from loss if the keys are stolen or cloned,» comments Alex Borisov, Head of R&D at StarLine. «Our V66 alarm system plugs the gap for motorbikes while also offering all the standard features of existing security systems such as an accelerometer-based shock and tilt sensor that will trigger a high decibel alarm if an alarmed bike is physically moved or tampered with.»

Borisov continues: «We selected the Nordic nRF51822 SoC because it was a highly integrated ultra low power single-chip solution that enabled us to achieve a current consumption as low as 2 mA when in arm [active] mode on the bike side, and a one-year battery life for the key tag running from a regular CR2032 coin cell battery. In addition we found that Nordic’s regular updating of its SoftDevices [Nordic’s self-contained proprietary software stacks for nRF51 Series SoCs] in response to customer requests was really good for our developers.»

The key tag battery life was further optimized by the inclusion of an accelerometer that put the nRF51822 into deep sleep mode if the tag was not moved from more than 10 minutes. StarLine says this was important because in its application the nRF51822 when active is used in full power mode to maximize user identification range to distances of up to 30 meters so there are no delays when users come to start the bike.

StarLine adds that another important feature of the nRF51822 in its application is its full −40 to +85C industry-standard industrial operating temperature range which enabled StarLine to also guarantee the operational reliability of its product across the same operating temperature range and make its solution suitable for protecting snowmobiles as well.

The StarLine V66 is due to start shipping in June this year.


About StarLine LLC

StarLine, which was founded in 1988, is situated in St. Petersburg, Russia, and specializes in the production and development of car security-telematics systems. StarLine says it is car security systems are currently employed in over 15 million cars worldwide and that its solutions are recommended by leading insurance companies in Russia.