Cannes, France, 2015: Gold Dolphin goes to… Russia!!!

Who will become the winners of the 6th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2015?

Hundreds of participants from the world leading video studios became utterly still.
The highest prize Gold Dolphin goes to… Russia!

This was the award given to the movie «Smart security» created by StarLine industrial design studio and Eugene Abuzyarov corporate films studio.

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards are annually honoring the world’s finest corporate films, online media and TV documentaries.

In 2015 the competition received 772 entries from all over the world, which was an absolute record number for the last 6 years. Out of all entries a total of 152 the most vivid productions were selected by the prominent jury members. This year the jury consisted of 45 professionals in the field of corporate and mass media, cinema experts and professionals of marketing communications (e.g. Oscar and Emmy winners), including Peter Beck, Jochen Alexander Freydank, Arman T. Riahi.

The movie «StarLine smart security» became the Gold Winner in the category Marketing Communication.

The creative team of the StarLine industrial design studio and Eugene Abuzyarov corporate films studio have successfully demonstrated the highest level of emotional richness, simplicity and high technologies in such a difficult for understanding topic as car smart security.

Watch the winner movie «Smart security» here:

Please click here to enjoy photos from the event.

And now let us share our joy and impressions with you!

October, 15. Morning. The participants were lively looking through the videos of the nominees.

«It’s really breathtaking when you find your movie among the winners!», — says Ekaterina Kotova, Head of StarLine Advertising Department.

«Having watched videos of our colleagues from all over the world, I can say that our movie is unique. It is a successful combination of original live setting, graphics and music together with human emotions, which are simple and clear without words. No doubt it marked us out of other participants. This award is well-deserved. I congratulate StarLine on this Victory!!!», — tells Marina Shangina, Director of Eugene Abuzyarov corporate films studio.

At 6 pm the Awards Gala Dinner of the International Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2015 started.

In breaks between the nominations all the participants had a unique opportunity to network and share the international experience in creating video films.

Following the ceremony all the happy winners were invited to the party, where we received a lot of positive feedback on our movie presented at the festival.

«We are highly inspired by appreciation of our work at such a significant festival as Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards», — says Vladislava Tazetdinova, Head of StarLine design group.

And, of course, before sending the valuable trophy to Russia, we went to small joint travel on French Riviera together with the Gold Dolphin :)