iCAN: invisible blocking = reliable protection

iCAN: invisible blocking = reliable protection

The new software version supporting the iCAN engine blocking became available from April, 20.

iCAN is the unique patented technology of the hidden engine blocking through the factory digital buses.

How does it work?

In case of attempt to steal the car equipped with StarLine security complex, the engine will be reliably blocked immediately after the motion is started. Blocking is carried out by turning off the units responsible for the engine operation. It is done by special commands which are formed by the integrated 2CAN or CAN+LIN modules.

Is it possible to detect such blocking?

It is almost impossible to detect the iCAN blocking by any of the ways known to professional car thieves, since the control units stop the engine by running commands in factory mode.

Is it safe for the engine?

The technology of iCAN blocking is safe. The engine stop is performed in factory mode as electronic control units execute the instructions laid down by the vehicle manufacturer.

Will this blocking tie up the remote engine start?

No. The engine blocking is made only after the motion is started, thanks to the speed sensor built-in to the CAN module.

Which security equipment will the iCAN blocking be available in?

This technology will be available in all StarLine security and telematic complexes equipped with 2CAN or CAN+LIN interfaces with software version 3.4 or higher and software version of the main unit L8 and above.

What should be done if the equipment was purchased earlier?

1. Update software of the main unit to version L8 and above.
2. Update «Programmer CAN Telematics» to version 2.2 on can.starline.ru website.
3. Update software of 2CAN or CAN+LIN interfaces to version 3.4 and above.

How to determine whether updating of the firmware of the main unit and the CAN module is required?

If the packaging has the iCAN sticker, software updating isn’t required.

Which vehicles will the iCAN engine blocking be available to?

Current list of cars which support iCAN blocking could be found on can.starline.ru website.

Step 1

Step 2

Which connections should be done for the successful operation?

It is necessary to connect the alarm system to the digital CAN bus following the instructions on can.starline.ru and tick the «Engine blocking» in the settings of the CAN module. We recommend using the additional technology of iCAN engine blocking together with analog blocking.