M15 ECO tracker: double benefit

M15 ECO tracker: double benefit

StarLine is happy to present the new autonomous searching and tracking device M15 ECO with the record power efficiency!
The new smart tracker is not only a reliable means of monitoring your car, but it also considerably saves your money!

Let’s calculate your benefit:

In case you use the ordinary tracker, it is necessary to change the expensive batteries twice a year. Thanks to the implementation of innovative circuit solutions, batteries of M15 ECO can hold their charge up to 3 years. Choosing M15 ECO tracker, you get a double benefit: you both buy tracker at the attractive price and save on batteries!

Accurate, reliable, up to date

The unique GPS+GLONASS antenna of M15 ECO provides the supersensitivity and fast determination of your car location with an accuracy of up to 2.5 meters.

Use mayak.mobi website for both quick and easy setup of M15 ECO tracker and its software update "by the air". Just send an SMS — and the latest firmware will be downloaded!

The new M15 ECO tracker will help you to find your car, boat, truck, tractor or motorcycle, no matter where it is!