«Master — Skilful Hands 2017»

by StarLine, 2017-04-12
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Saint Petersburg

We invite specialists in installation of car security systems and additional vehicle security equipment to take part in the International Competition «Master — Skilful Hands 2017»

International Competition of professional mastership in car security «Master — Skilful Hands 2017» will take place in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on July 16-20.


We provide citizens of the world with a ligh level of security based on innovative technologies of global community.

Competition goal:

Professional growth of specialists in installation of car security systems and additional vehicle security equipment, raising the reputation of installers’ profession. This competition provides the participants with a wonderful possibility of career advancement, increase in revenue and respect of colleagues and business competitors. Car owners will save time in search of their Master-Skilful Hands and get perfect service and high level of security for themselves and their vehicles.

And the most important — one can get an international title of «Master — Skilful Hands»!

Competition principles:

The main principle is fairness and equality for all competitors. All participants will be in equal conditions. Competitors need basic knowledge in car electronics and additional car equipment.

The winning argument is striving for victory!

Teamwork and organisational skills

Winners will be rewarded:

1 place — 200 000 RUB

2 place — 150 000 RUB

3 place — 100 000 RUB

Special award — Experts’ choice — 50 000 RUB.

Winners are expected to get an attractive offer for collaboration with the partners of the Competition. All participants will be granted with diplomas and souvenirs.

Program of the final part in Saint Petersburg:

Day 1 — Registration of arriving participants, accomodation in cofortable rooms in one of the best hotels in Saint Petersburg, tour around Saint Petersburg, welcome dinner

Day 2 — Master class, stage «Golden Hands»

Day 3 — Master class, stages «Golden Head», «Golden Team»

Day 4 — Semifinal and Final of the Competition, winners reward and gala dinner

Day 5 — Departure

Organizers reserve the right to change the competition program.



The competition organizers bear all expenses of participants’ accomodation (in one of the best hotels in Saint Petersburg, in comfortable double rooms), meals, transfer during the competition and the competition organization.

Participants bear expenses for transfer to Saint Petersburg and back.

Application form: click here

Applications are admitted till the 1st of June 2017

Preliminaries: June, 5-6, 2017

Contact the Competition Organization Committee: master@akademiabezopasnosti.ru