New service

Do you have any questions regarding StarLine equipment? New service will help you!

In August, 2014 StarLine will introduce its new information service: It will serve as a reliable assistant to the car owners and installers from Russia and CIS countries.


At first please register. In case you have an account in social networks, registration is automatic. After entering the site you can leave comments and create your own discussion topics at the forum.

Knowledge base

All information on is classified according to categories and forums. For example, you will find such sections as «Key issues», «Tracking devices», «Remote start» and others.
Enter your question into the search box. While typing you will be proposed a range of topics similar to yours. It will simplify your search significantly. Already found the full answer? Great!


Is your question unique? If so, create a new topic at our forum. You can make it either public or private at your discretion.

Solution of issues

Specialists of StarLine federal support service will answer your questions in the shortest possible time. You can easily check the status of your issue with the aid of marks «studied», «in progress», «completed», and «fixed». The response from StarLine specialist will both appear on the site and come by e-mail.

New StarLine website is a great opportunity to quickly and easily solve any issues regarding StarLine equipment. Selection, settings, operation, installation.

Do you want to learn more about reliable protection? will help!