StarLine Telematics

GSM+GPRS and GPS+GLONASS advanced technologies guarantee safety and security. Simple and comfortable monitoring at allows you to locate your vehicle with an accuracy of up to few meters. Control your security from any part of the world with StarLine Telematics.


Telematics is a new generation feature.
«Tele-» means transfer of information at a long distance.
«-matics» is taken from «informatics».
Thus, we deal with information, configurations and settings of your car protection available from any part of the world! Modern technologies will let you control your car’s location, change settings of alarm systems, set up new configurations using the internet or mobile phone.

Let us see a couple of examples:
1) You are at a long vacation, your car’s battery will discharge if you don’t swich on your engine at least for 20 minuts each 2 weeks. You can use remote start mode from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any PC — you enter your personal account, set up the timer for engine start and you can be sure that your car will be safe (the system remains armed when you use the remote start), and when you come back from your vacation, your car will wait for you convenient and safe, with full battery, ready for driving.
2) A car owner purchased a GPS+GLONASS search system StarLine M15. It works at a pulse mode, informing the car owner of its car’s location every 2 weeks. In case the car has been hijacked, to monitor the car’s route, one needs to get the information on the car’s geographical position more often — each hour or 2-3 times a day. You can set up a convenient pulse mode from any part of the world by sms, using a mobile application or any PC with internet.
Using innovative telematic-security systems StarLine you are able to control your car from any part of the world.