StarLine 3.0: bank reliability

Meet the new version of free StarLine 3.0 mobile app for iPhone with the highest level of your data protection from unauthorized access! Controlling of your car security is of the same reliability as the work of the world’s bank payment systems!

Telematics is one of the youngest and most promising trends of the global IT industry. Nowadays the market of telematic services, which also includes mobile apps for car owners, is quite vulnerable and unprotected from cyber criminals, due to its young age.

StarLine engineers are constantly creating new solutions to guarantee the car owners a high level of reliable security. New version of free StarLine mobile app for iPhone is built on  the most advanced solutions and software copyright.

Estimate the number of new smart features, which guarantee the super reliable, easy and available control of your car safety!

1. Entry based on two-factor authentication

In the car security market StarLine engineers successfully pioneered the secure login to the mobile app based on two-factor authentication which is the most effective method of protecting your data. Controlling of the car security and service from the latest mobile app is of the same reliability as the work of the world’s electronic payment systems.

For full protection of your confidential information please enter StarLine mobile app in the mode of two-factor authentication. In order to do this you have to enter a login, a password and a unique code received by SMS. Even if the thief learns your login and password, he will fail in entering your mobile app.


To enable secure login, please enter your Personal Account Area and add your phone number to the section «Contact information». Having received the SMS with a confirmation code, please activate «Two-factor authentication» in the «Security» section.

Do you want to enter your app in several seconds? It’s so easy! Just go to the «Settings» and activate «Quick login». Then please choose in the menu one of the authentication methods including new ways:

2. Login with your PIN code

Select «PIN authentication», think up your personal PIN code, type it in — and your mobile application is open!


3. Login using ТouchID

Enjoy really quick and easy login to the StarLine mobile app using TouchID* authentication. It could be used on iPhones 5S, 6 and 6 + with iOS 8.0 and above.
To enter StarLine app now you can use the biometric sensor of your smartphone instead of your login and password. Just put your finger to the sensor — and after a couple of seconds your convenient mobile app is ready to work!


Pleasant bonus

Free mobile app StarLine 3.0 provides the ability to edit your account in the Personal Account Area. With the new version of StarLine app you can easily place your photo, phone numbers, e-mail, and change the password for secure login both to the app and website.

Download reliable StarLine app in the AppStore and easily control the security of your car!