StarLine has protected

StarLine has protected.

«I want to thank StarLine company with all my heart as it helped to save my Ford Mondeo! — said Sergey from St. Petersburg, not hiding his emotions. — Being protected by the power of StarLine B64 complex my car has not been stolen!»

Here is the story of Sergey: «At the noon of February, 12 I parked my car not far from my house in Dobrolyubov street. Having returned to the car at half past four, I didn’t even notice the hole with a plug left by the thieves — as the car was quite dirty. While disarming my car, I found the alarm signal on the remote controller. I glanced at my Ford — it seemed to be safe and sound. So I thought it was a false alarm.

However, having got to the gas station, I understood that the alarm system worked reliably as I detected the plug in the driver’s door, in the place of the cut-out key plate. Later the record from the surveillance camera showed the full picture of the failed hijacking: almost an hour later after I left my car, the unfortunate thieves parked nearby, turned on the hazard lights and started their dirty deed. Suddenly the StarLine alarm triggered — and the thieves had to escape in a hurry.

By the way, the installation of my alarm system was carried out in the official installation office: this is even more reliable! To sum it up, if you cherish your car, I strongly recommend you to equip it with StarLine security system. It really works — I have checked!»

*Click to view video of the prevented car hijacking