StarLine M15ECO
Independent search

StarLine M15 ECO knows where your vehicle is

The StarLine M15 ECO cutting-edge independent search beacon combined with its record-breaking energy efficiency will let help find your vehicle in any part of the world



Incredible simplicity and convenience of configuration, fast and easy start, and automatic softwares update with our telematic service available on


The powerful ARM processor allows for implementation of certain artificial intelligence elements. It features automatic configuration of the internal time, Internet connection parameters, automatic balance verification, and low balance notifications


The unparalleled GPS-GLONASS antenna provides hypersensitivity and an almost instant and precise location detection even under the most severe conditions

Energy efficiency

Use of cutting edge circuitry allows for an up to 3 years’ service life of the batteries

A hijacker’s true nightmare 

Thanks to its waterproof case and the microphone’s nanomembrane, the beacon can be easily hidden even in the locations most unexpected by thieves, both inside and WATERPROOF outside of the vehicle, motorboat, or truck, etc.

Check out the free monitoring feature at

  • Unlimited number of motor vehicles
  • Pre-installed SIM-card with free roaming and unlimited Internet traffic
  • If the satellite connection is lost, the ‘black box’ begins recording the route data