StarLine M66 — smart tracker

by StarLine, 2016-08-12
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Meet a new product on the 6th generation platform — smart StarLine М66 tracker. This tiny device allows you to monitor the car routes with high accuracy, as well as prevent attempts of unauthorized access and warn the car owner.

Are you managing the company with vehicle fleet and active cargo transportation? Monitor all the movements of your vehicles and define the route area with smart StarLine М66 tracker. This device is perfectly suitable both for passenger cars ( +12V ) and trucks ( +24V). Furthermore! Besides the monitoring and security functions, StarLine М66 will provide you with remote car diagnostics and control of your drivers’ driving quality.


Smart tracker is powered only from the onboard network, as its main objective is continuous monitoring. Due to the absence of batteries StarLine М66 is very compact and can be easily hidden in the most hard to reach places of the car. The device is quickly and easily connected through the CAN interface.


The kit also includes the preset SIM card with low rates and an automotive 12V relay for the engine block.

Smart StarLine М66 tracker has fantastic features of the 6th generation StarLine software platform:

Smart monitoring

Control the route of your vehicle with an accuracy of up to several meters from the smartphone, the tablet or the PC using the free service. You can also set up the geozone function. It will notify you in case the car drives beyond your specified area. The unique GPS+GLONASS antenna provides hypersensitivity and an almost instant and precise location detection even under the most severe conditions.


Smart authorization

Be sure, you will be the only person whom smart StarLine М66 tracker will let to control itself! Owner authorization is made both by the personal label and the smartphone*. The engine will successfully start only if the label or the smartphone, registered in the system with StarLine app, could be found in the control area. Data exchange with the tracker is made through the energy-efficient wireless Bluetooth Smart protocol. The secure encryption algorithm is used here. It eliminates the data interception at the moment when devices are being registered. As soon as the owner is authorized, smart StarLine М66 tracker passes into an active monitoring mode and starts to transfer data to the reliable StarLine server.

*Look for the list of smartphones at


Reliable protection

If any attempt to hijack the car, when the ignition is turned on or the motion sensor is triggered, smart StarLine М66 tracker will send you the warning SMS and give command to the engine blocking relay. The same will occur with the engine running, if the driver is forcibly got out of the car and the label or the smartphone disappear from the control area of the tracker.


The tiny waterproof label has the record power efficiency and guarantees long and reliable work without change of the power supply.


Careful savings

Smart StarLine М66 tracker allows you to control the driving style. You will always know how careful each of the drivers in your car fleet is. The triaxial acceleration sensor detects all the dangerous maneuvers of the car and sends information to the reliable StarLine server. After processing the data, you can learn the estimate of driving style in the mobile app. Careful driving allows you to save on fines, repair costs if road accidents, and premature wear of the car systems and components. You will also be able to save on CASCO up to 50% on risk of road accidents under the insurance program, taking your driving style into consideration.**
** Perspective service


Diagnosis by cell phone

Smart StarLine М66 tracker created on the 6th generation platform is capable to read the fault and error messages from the diagnostic car bus. In case of any fault, you will see the error code decryption in the mobile app. It will be the clear information on the nature of the fault, as well as data on the car run and fuel level. PUSH notification on the fault sent to the cell phone of the owner will be available in the nearest future.

If you are managing the car fleet, you will get an excellent opportunity to monitor the technical condition of your vehicles. If you are just a car owner, smart tracker will promptly warn you about the need to visit the car service. Install smart StarLine М66 tracker, and save time and money on timely remote car diagnostics.


Smart StarLine М66 tracker embodies multifaceted smart opportunities in one compact device: monitoring, security, car diagnostics, assessment of driving style. Easy installation and versatility allow you to quickly equip both your cargo and passenger vehicles with new features. Make your car fleet smart!

Smart tracker goes on sale in August in two kits:

StarLine М66М – with 2 tiny waterproof labels for authorization. Retail price is 8500 rubles.

StarLine М66Ѕ – without any labels (authorization only by the smartphone). Retail price is 6500 rubles.