StarLine R5 radio relay: safety and reliability!

Expand the anti-theft features of your StarLine security equipment of the 5th generation* by connecting the reliable digital radio relay of blocking the engine StarLine R5!

The wireless radio relay will become a real «surprise» for attackers: StarLine R5 will stop the engine and block it at a safe speed in case of theft or hijacking.

*StarLine R5 is recommended for use together with the security complexes StarLine D95 GSM GPS, B95 GSM GPS, B95, A95 GSM GPS, A95 GSM, E95.

Reliable dialog protection

In order to control StarLine R5 radio relay the central unit of the security complex uses the unscannable protected dialog code with individual 128-bit encryption keys, which ensures strong protection against any of the known code grabbers.

Protection against substitution

StarLine R5 radio relay can be controlled by native main unit of the security equipment only.

Attempts to control the relay with any other unit or break the code command will block the engine, even if the main unit is disabled!

Hidden installation

Thanks to its compact size, StarLine R5 relay can be installed in barely visible and hard to reach places! Control via radio channel allows to safely hide the relay as it does not require additional wiring.

Two is better than one

If you want, you can connect two StarLine R5 relays simultaneously to your StarLine security and telematic complex of the 5th generation*, by performing two independent engine blocks in different spots.