Invisible protection for fans of minimalism

Do you want both to leave your remote control at home and save the high security and service level? If so, you will cherish the new Validator* mode. Use only your factory key, and security will be provided by authorization through entering the secret code by original factory buttons of your car!

Now even if the thief gets the factory key, be sure — you will find your car at the place it was left!


There are 8 original buttons of your car that can be used for authorization. Create your own
individual secret authorization code. For instance, «thrice press the volume control button on the steering wheel».

StarLine Validator

As soon as the correct code is entered you will see the light signal of the blinkers. If you wish you could easily change the code — just configure it in a few minutes.


The secret code should be entered when the ignition is on. Motion start control unit will allow the trip only after authorization. Now StarLine provides reliable protection both to the fans of comfort and minimalism. StarLine Validator is available only together with 2CAN-module and SLAVE mode.