StarLine R3

New: StarLine R3 control module of electrical hood lock

Meet the new StarLine R3 module on March, 17. This module expands the security functions of the 4th generation telematic complexes and CAN immobilizer 2CAN 35. By connecting the module to the electrical hood lock (StarLine L10, should be bought separately), you will reliably protect the engine bay of your car.


The module has specially designed protected case for successful operation under the car hood even in extreme conditions. The case of StarLine R3 is completely filled by car elastomer.

Digital code control

One wire is used to control StarLine R3 module. The digital control signal is coded, eliminating any possibility of unauthorized opening of the hood from the car salon.

Intellectual control of the hood lock

The module monitors the state of the hood limit switch that guarantees closing of the electrical lock only after the hood has been closed. This will save the hood from hitting by the closed electrical lock.

Ability to block the engine

StarLine R3 module has a control output which the electromagnetic relay for engine blocking can be connected to. No chance is left for the car thieves with engine blocking under the closed hood.


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