StarLine BP-05

Reliable assistant at remote engine start

Would you like to start your car remotely while it is equipped with the factory immobilizer?
Meet StarLine BP-05* on September, 2! StarLine BP-05 is the new universal module of temporary deactivation of the factory immobilizer.

Why do you need StarLine BP-05?

The immobilizer requests the individual key code at each engine startup. This is the way the car identifies its owner. But this protective mechanism complicates the remote engine start. Use the module of temporary deactivation of the factory immobilizer for automatic and secure code transmitting!

The module is controlled by commands from the alarm system and enables remote start of the engine.


The novelty StarLine BP-5 is quickly and easily installed at any car. Module is universal and successfully works both with usual keys and Smart Keys. Simply place the duplicate of your ignition key in the module, make several elementary connections and hide the device deeply in the car!

In case your car supports the keyless access, StarLine BP-05 will considerably save time of the installer.


Power supply for active Smart Keys is already installed in the StarLine BP-05 module. You no longer need the battery which and is vulnerable to frost and easily could be discharged. The high-quality power supply unit with overload and pulse interference protection provides reliable remote engine start at wide range of temperatures from −45 to +85 °C.


When remote start is not used, the factory immobilizer works as usually — prevents the thieves from starting the engine.

New StarLine BP-05 is the reliable assistant to the installers, which significantly facilitates the remote start.

* We strongly recommend to use StarLine BP-05 module together with StarLine security equipment. But this module is also compatible with the equipment produces by other manufacturers.


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