StarLine for Andriod!

New version of StarLine mobile app for Andriod!

Meet the new 2.1.1* version of StarLine mobile application for Android! Thanks to our engineers it has become easier and much more convenient to operate the car security system. You can already download the app in Google Play.


StarLine mobile app is also available in English. Reliable protection with StarLine has become world-wide!

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In case monitoring is supported by your StarLine equipment, you will find a special “tab” in the mapping section. Just touch this tab on the screen, and track controlling window will pop up immediately. It can be either complete or compact. Choose the appropriate option by sliding the tab up and down.

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Up to date

Learn more about your car and its routes for today, yesterday, last week or another period. The maximum period for viewing history of the events is 30 days, and for viewing the track – 7 days.

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Study track entirely or by fragments from one parking to another. The colorful control bar will help you. Choose fragments while stretching the bar, and click the necessary link. Here is the track you are interested in with all information like speed, stops and parkings!
Want to return to the full track again? Just double-click the control bar.

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The owner of the car fleet will definitely appreciate the opportunity to assign the duration of stops and parkings. Later it will help to analyze the route passed by the driver.

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Assess the speed of your car! Green color of the track corresponds to speed of up to 60 km/h; yellow ― 60-90 km/h; and red ― more than 90 km/h.

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All buttons of the mobile app are intuitive. But if you wish you can reassign them. It is quick and easy!

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Aesthetes will cherish the opportunity to change the color theme of the application. Just set up white or black theme in the settings.

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Enjoy the friendliness and new opportunities of StarLine mobile app!

*The latest version of the mobile app is available for any security and telematic equipment and tracking devices produced by StarLine.


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