StarLine A93 CAN+LIN

StarLine A93 CAN+LIN: Protection for national cars

Meet the new StarLine A93 CAN+LIN security complex in July, 2014. It is specially designed for the reliable protection of the cars that could be connected to the digital CAN and LIN buses: LADA Granta, LADA Kalina, LADA Kalina ll, LADA Priora.

StarLine A93 CAN+LIN

StarLine A93 CAN+LIN is the obtainable and reliable security complex with smart remote start, anti-scanning dialogue code, integrated CAN+LIN interface, SUPER SLAVE mode, shockproof remote control, 128-channel jam resistant transceiver with over 6000 feet range.

The model is developed based on flexible StarLine architecture which has already been successfully proven in the domestic and global markets. Would you like to control your car protection with the aid of your phone and use the high quality monitoring? Just add GSM and GPS+GLONASS and enjoy full control over your car!

CAN+LIN module

The universal CAN+LIN module considerably simplifies the installation and expands opportunities of the security complex in the cars which require connection to the digital CAN and LIN buses. The list of car models is constantly enlarging. Search for details on website.

StarLine A93 CAN+LIN


Control the protection of your car with the factory remote control. The additional tiny StarLine remote control is used as the tag. The reliable protection is guaranteed by 3 security levels: factory security system, dialogue authentication, and validator-immobilizer.

Ergonomic remote control

The remote control with LCD display for two-way communication has an innovative shockproof and ergonomic design, the protected internal antenna and soft white backlight.


3D shock and tilt sensor

The digital sensor with remote setup registers jacking and evacuation of the car.


Service opportunities

You can easily set up the «Comfort» function (when car windows are lifting while turning the alarm on) and other useful functions.


Additional protection

By connecting the R3 code relay and hood lock (option), you will protect the engine bay and provide the engine block in case the car thief becomes interested in the vehicle.


StarLine A93 CAN+LIN is the reliable and obtainable protection of your favourite car!


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