StarLine M15 helped to bring the boat engine back!

by StarLine, 2020-05-20
StarLine M15 helped to bring the boat engine back!" data-title="+1">
StarLine M15 helped to bring the boat engine back!" data-image="" data-title="Pin It">

“On July 15, Alexander Nikolaevich from Kirov appealed to me: the engine of his Yamaha boat was almost stolen. The thieves had already unscrewed the bolts, but suddenly something stopped them: perhaps a guard of the boat station appeared … The client asked me to protect the engine,” Alexey Shubin, StarLine regional representative in Kirov, began his story.

The smart solution was StarLine M15 stand-alone GSM GPS tracker powered by two CR123A batteries. It is rather easy to set up this device – just turn it on and send three SMS to specify the password, the phone number, and the chosen operation mode. In this case, the tracker was to “wake up” at the beginning of movement and switching to monitoring mode.

In its normal state, the tracker is “sleeping” and cannot be detected by scanners. At the start of driving (or at any time set by the car owner), it “wakes up” and sends an SMS either with its coordinates or with a link to an online map showing the exact car location.

“What would happen if my engine was hidden in space with no access of satellite signals?” Alexander Nikolaevich was worried. This is not a problem: the tracker will send an approximate location based on network stations. “There is also a listening mode: if you call the tracker like an ordinary cell phone, you will listen to what is happening nearby. This function helps to find the stolen property in the garage boxes,” StarLine specialist explained.

We decided to install StarLine M15 tracker into the plastic engine cover. “It is not afraid of water, is it?” the client asked. “You know, it often happens to the fishermen: you catch on a log, and drown the engine … Then it’s hard to find it, as the boat sails a certain distance before it stops…” StarLine M15 tracker is waterproof and successfully operates even beneath the water. So the owner will be protected both from the theft and any offensive accidents!

On August 3, thieves tried to steal the boat engine of Alexander Nikolayevich again. The motion sensor triggered, the smart tracker woke up and sent an SMS to the owner with its coordinates. Thereafter the tracker switched to the monitoring mode. “I live near the boat station on Zavodskaya street, so I set off immediately to save my property. After hearing my approach, the thieves threw the engine to the riverbank and ran away,” Alexander Nikolaevich finished his story. “Many thanks to StarLine! This low-cost tracker saved my costly property.”


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