StarLine – E-Commerce Exporter of the Year!

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=»4_4″][et_pb_text] StarLine won the first place in the category E-Commerce Exporter of the Year of “Exporters. New Level” award and received a Golden Contract from DHL! The award ceremony took place on March 18 in Moscow as part of the annual Sberbank conference of participants in foreign economic activity … Continue reading

StarLine-Brand No. 1 in Russia!

The “Brand No. 1 in Russia 2018” award ceremony took place at State Kremlin Palace on December 14. The hall was impregnated with amazing pre-New Year energy. The Winners were going up to the stage under the thunder of applause. The title of Brand No. 1 was awarded to StarLine … Continue reading

StarLine – “Leader of the Russian Federation industry”!

Moscow The results of the annual national contest «Leader of the Russian Federation industry» were summed up. StarLine became one of the laureates in the «Automotive and related industries» nomination. Our company was awarded the prize and the honorary diploma. The annual contest «Leader of the Russian Federation Industry» is … Continue reading

Red Dot and StarLine

  Miniature car alarm system remote is comfortable to hold in your hand. With its help managing the security of your car turns to real pleasure. All the remotes are designed to be ergonomic according your hand’s shape. There is a main security button on the remote which is right … Continue reading

Moscow: StarLine at the Tenth International navigation forum

StarLine ScPA took part in the Tenth International navigation forum, which annually brings together developers and consumers of the products and services using navigation technologies. The forum has long been the central event of the year both in Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in the field … Continue reading

Austria: StarLine and global battle of robots!

Austria: StarLine and global battle of robots! This spring in Austria there took place a real battle of «artificial intelligence». 400 young engineers from 30 countries presented intelligent and capable robots of their own construction. Children supported by StarLine enthusiastically joined the competition and gained four winning medals! RobotChallenge is no doubt one of the most anticipated events in the whole … Continue reading

St. Petersburg: Robots start and win

For one day St. Petersburg physical and mathematical lyceum № 30 has become a magnet for young engineers thanks to the engineering robot competitions which took place there. The event was organized by the robotics lab of lyceum № 30, scientific and production association StarLine and Temur Amindzhanov’s charity fund «Finist». Both the teams from St. Petersburg … Continue reading

1 300 000: A New World Record Of Trust!

In 2014 we managed to set up some new World Records of Trust! Day Record: On October, 6 we provided protection to 30 000 motorists. Month Record: in October we protected 204 000 cars and their owners. Year Record: in 2014 we provided security to 1 300 000 motorists and their cars in Russia as well as worldwide! 1 300 000 families entrusted the protection of their precious and beloved cars to the smart and … Continue reading

«Russian Victoria»: StarLine Victory!

«Russian Victoria»: StarLine Victory! Every year StarLine is the active participant of both Russian and international design contests. In recent years we have become respected members of such European design competitions as Red Dot Award, IF Design Award. In 2014 StarLine took part in the contest «Russian Victoria», which is the main competition of Russian design projects. It was founded by the Design … Continue reading

StarLine — National Trademark!

Moscow. December 14, 2013. State Kremlin Palace. Awarding ceremony of «Trademark № 1 in Russia», the outstanding award of national trust. «Whom do the Russian drivers trust security of their cars to?» — Mark Tishman intrigued the audience from the main Kremlin stage. The Palace filled with ovation, and the company, which goal was to provide reliable protection, got the award … Continue reading

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