Dialog code

Dialog securityStarLine dialog control code with individual 128-bit encryption keys ensures strong protection against any of the known technical tools for unauthorized access (code grabbers)

StarLine systems protect vehicles with the help of a dialog code with individual encryption keys
The main unit and the remote «communicate» by 128-bit radio codes (01001…). Hijackers use code grabbers to intercept and save the radio-code containing a command to switch off the alarm and open the door locks. StarLine systems provide innovative protection due to a special discrete logarithm and secret 128-bit key-codes, unique for each certain system, that the remote and the main unit receive at the moment of registration.
When the remote sends a command to the vehicle, the main unit transforms it into another code and sends it back to the remote. It’s a kind of a riddle that the remote is to solve in order to prove that it’s the very registered remote. The riddle never repeats. The code will be transformed with the help of a special algorithm using the unique encryption key that the main unit and the remote received at their registration. The transformed riddle-code will be sent to the main unit, after which the system will execute the command and send confirmation at the remote.
The process longs for a split second, and no code-grabber is able to calculate the individual encryption key or use any of intercepted codes. Your vehicle is firmly protected.