StarLine — EFFIE® AWARDS 2012!

Russia. Moscow. StarLine got the international award BRAND OF THE YEAR / EFFIE® AWARDS 2012

The awarding ceremony for the winners of the annual international award Effie Awards Russia 2012 was held on May 24, 2013 in Moscow. Effie Awards is considered to be the most significant and prestigious award for the companies aiming at market leadership in any business. It is awarded for the most successful projects in creating and promoting brands both in the global market, and in Russian market in particular.

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Russia. Moscow. On May 24 representatives of the most respected international companies, owners of famous international and Russian brands gathered together under the giant arches of Gostiny Dvor near the Kremlin Palace. The guests were met by well-known artists, festive photo shoots were organized, nominees were besieged by numerous journalists and video reporters in the press area. However, all the nominees of Effie Awards Russia 2012 were full of nervous anticipation — and this is understandable, because the organizers kept the final results in secret till the beginning of the awarding ceremony!

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The most outstanding brands of the Russian market got the prestigious award — the richly gold symbols of Effie Awards Russia 2012. In the category «Auto-Moto» awards were received by StarLine, Ford Sollers, Hyundai Motor Company, Renault, and General Motors.

Effie Awards Russia 2012 is a great joy and the result of the titanic work fulfilled by all our StarLine team — the employees and numerous partners around the world. This shows our great value for the Country, for the millions of car owners who are under reliable protection provided by StarLine.

Having celebrated this event, we immediately continued working on our numerous projects united by the common goal — guaranteeing the citizens of the world a high level of security based on the innovative technologies of the global community.

StarLine strongly invested and will invest huge funds in the Russian science, Russian technologies, and Russian specialists, that form the hi-tech future of our Country. We will triple our efforts and investments, helping young inventors to learn the basics of robotics.

For the first time the international contest BRAND OF THE YEAR was held in 1998. This contest evaluates projects according to the requirements imposed to the effective marketing strategies all over the world. Since 2011, the contest BRAND OF THE YEAR is the part of the international EFFIE system which is the most significant global award in the field of effective marketing communications. EFFIE has been held in 33 countries around the world since 1968. Among the EFFIE nominees are such companies as Samsung, Philips, Sony, Hyundai, Ford, Renault, General Motors, and now StarLine