The summary on “StarLine Smart Security” conference 06-07 December 2018

by StarLine, 2018-12-28
The summary on “StarLine Smart Security” conference 06-07 December 2018 " data-title="+1">
The summary on “StarLine Smart Security” conference 06-07 December 2018 " data-image="" data-title="Pin It">

On 06-07 December ScPA StarLine held a science and technology conference for the Partners from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy and the UK. We welcomed our guests to participate excursions to smart manufacturing lines and StarLine laboratory; presentations of new equipment, familiarising them with our progressive technologies of self-driving, and taking part in useful practical exercises.


Regarding the recent travel of StarLine autonomous car across Russia, the Partners were interested in what technologies from the StarLine ScPA arsenal formed the basis of this research project. An exciting lecture on the successes achieved and difficulties faced by Russian developers was impressive. By now StarLine self-driving car can ride in the absence of road marking and in active urban traffic. Systems of positioning and perception of the environment are being perfected. Also the team is working hard on developing competence in routing by high-precision digital maps.


A high interest was expressed towards the novelties in security and telematic equipment: StarLine B96 BT GSM GPS smart systems, StarLine M18 Pro trackers, StarLine M36 modules for pre-start heaters control and other models.


The specialists were focused on the progressive services: online diagnostics and monitoring. Partners appreciated the extended facilities of devises for commercial monitoring and the long term free trial period for StarLine Fleet management project!


How to fight hijacking and theft around the world?” — this question was thoroughly covered during the presentation of our research and development department of the StarLine ScPA.

The principles of Dialogue Code and Keeloq encryption algorithms were described, the advantages and drawbacks of an option of engine blocking by CAN was explored, and the most popular existing methods of an electronic carjacking and protection against them were discussed.


Having covered the topic of safety, the experts turned to questions of comfort, important for car owners.
StarLine 6th generation equipment with Flexible logic facilities has almost endless potential! A smart climate, a “Start-Stop” button instead of a regular key, auto-tuning of mirrors and seats, turning on the DVR upon an alarm activation, starting the engine upon your approach – these and other options make a regular car much more comfortable. The most popular options and cases had been exercised. “The StarLine Master setup software is just an installer paradise,” they concluded.


Then the Partners visited the automated and robotized StarLine manufacturing complex near to Saint-Petersburg. This is where smart and reliable security is born. The guests learned about the rapid expansion of electronics, plastics and cable production in 2018. They were impressed of multi-level quality control and fantastic performance of the electronics assembly line as well: up to 1,500,000 parts installed per hour!


Many have stated the efficiency of the plastics production: it not only covers the company’s needs, but also offers international OEM services.


At the end of the meeting Partners noted: “Starline is on a big scale in all activities! It provides the most advanced technologies of the world community, smart products and services, effective regional activity.

And it has its own Security Academy, which enhances the professional level of installation specialists. Starline focuses on a future generation as well, by handling Charity science projects for youth. As a result, it won the trust of more than 16 million car owners worldwide!